Grief Institute

Our camps and groups are developed integrating recommendations from best practices in the field, evaluations, and research. Results from Dr. Tina Barrett’s doctoral research help to guide our camp, group, and workshop programming. Tina’s longitudinal research on the efficacy of grief camps is the most comprehensive study in this area. We are committed to prepare “considerations for professionals” and “considerations for family members” from this research for use by other grief counselors and educators in the form of articles and manuscripts. This will facilitate program replication throughout the country. With decades of experience in quality assurance, Barb Myers oversees ongoing program evaluation integrating advisory committee feedback with exit interviews and surveys.

Tina teaching“I was awed by Barrett’s talent at public speaking, her passion for her work, and the inspiration she is.  After attending numerous conferences, her presentation has been the best due to her talent in presenting and her outgoing personality engaging the audience.”

– Attending Psychologist,
Comment following Dr. Barrett’s presentation at the Association for Death Educators & Counselors- National Conference


  • School/Agency Grief Response Support:
    Stabilizing, expertise amidst crisis

When a teacher or student dies, the entire school community is often affected. When a colleague dies, the workplace often is uncertain how best to respond. Our staff is committed to preparing informational packets and compiling resources and to being personally available to support families, schools and organizations amidst acute grief.

  • General Trainings:
    Helping others more effectively respond to grief

As a nationally respected specialist in outdoor-based grief support programs, our director researched the efficacy of grief programs and has shared the wisdom of the children and adults with professionals at dozens of state and national conferences. We offer interactive, informational community workshops, school in-services, and professional seminars that are offered throughout the region.

  • Grief Camp Staff Training:
    For our staff and for staff teams around the nation

This 6-12 hour interactive seminar combines team building with practical strategies for supporting bereaved kids at camp and a general orientation to the magic of grief camp.

  • Grief Institute:
    An annual professional seminar

Hundreds of talented, compassionate professionals support grieving individuals, groups, and families in western Montana. This annual professional seminar is committed to the continued advancement of knowledge and skills relating to end-of-life and grief.
Learning in a classroom

“Tina impresses me as someone who possesses what I would term a “therapeutic personality.” Her integrity, character and love for children are immeasurable.  After witnessing Tina present in Indianapolis, IN at an annual conference, I knew that I wanted her to work/consult with our organization.

Her presentation (symposium) The Dirt on Childhood Grief charted the complex emotional waters every child must navigate after a death, in a fun and safe environment – grief camp. She has a graceful way of weaving together her impassioned work, experience and poignant presenting skills.”

– Emilio Parga, M.A., Founder/Director,
The Solace Tree, Child and Adolescent Center for Grief and Loss, Reno, NV

Interactive educational seminars can be customized to the interests and needs of your organization. Recent topics include:

  • Addressing Grief and Loss in Schools
  • Grief in Montana: Nature-based rituals and programs
  • Therapeutic Foster Care: A Look at Grief
  • Grief Camp: Strategies for Development and Implementation
  • The Dirt on Childhood Grief: A qualitative analysis of bereavement camps
  • Children and Loss
  • Talking with Kids about Chronic Illness & Grief
  • Children & Loss: Supporting our kids, supporting our selves – a workshop for parents and guardians
  • Grief in Families: Respecting individual responses
  • Grief in the Community: How can we best support one another?
  • Actively Grieving: Incorporating Literature Theme Kits into the classroom
  • QPR: Suicide Prevention Training
  • Supporting your Child after a Tragedy
  • Playing our way through Grief
  • Grief Myths and Cultural Considerations
  • Re-creating holidays amidst change in the family
  • Single-parenting
  • Traumatic Loss
  • Self-Care: Practical strategies for care providers
  • Objects of Remembrance, Rituals, and Experiential Activities for Grief Groups and Camps
  • Moving with Grief: Movement Workshop
  • Memory Mobiles

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