Note From The Director

Dear Friends,

When a family member or loved one dies, support for surviving children and adults is limited. Tamarack Grief Resource Center in western Montana is committed to supporting and strengthening bereaved individuals and families.

Grief is a natural, albeit complicated, part of the human experience.
How can we best support one another?

tina-georgetown1-150x150This question has guided my work and research over the past fifteen years. Much remains unknown when it comes to addressing end-of-life and death in our families, schools, places of employment or worship, or in our communities. What we do know is this: during times of loss, individuals can benefit from connections with understanding others as they reconstruct their lives. Tamarack Grief Resource Center is dedicated to fostering this support and understanding throughout the grief process. I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of compassionate, talented professionals over the years in treatment centers, parent support agencies, schools, group homes, and treatment centers, yet never before have I worked with a team as committed to focusing and specializing on this one goal: Grief support and education. For that reason, Tamarack is poised to become the region’s most comprehensive grief resource center.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss Tamarack, to share stories and pictures from past camps and retreats, and to explore ways Tamarack may be able to support and strengthen you, your family, or your community.



Tina Barrett

Tina Barrett : Executive Director & Co-Founder of TGRC

Executive Director & Co-Founder of TGRC

Missoula, Montana

Since 1994, Dr. Tina Barrett has specialized in family systems, strength-oriented and outdoor-based support following grief and trauma. Co-founder and Executive Director of Tamarack Grief Resource Center, Barrett focuses on best practices of nature-based support with trauma survivors and  family-systems. Barrett has directed various models of over 100 grief camps since 1996 in Montana and six other states. She has facilitated bereavement groups since 1995 and has assisted with group facilitator training and supervision for over 18 years. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and serves as a Senior Consultant for the National Military Suicide Survivors Seminar. Barrett also serves on the Leadership Team of the Western Montana Suicide Prevention Initiative. She provides interactive, inspiring trainings throughout Montana and at national conferences including Association for Death Educators and Counselors (ADEC); National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC); and National Bereavement Camp Conference and has published numerous chapters and articles.

Sample Community Outreach/Volunteer Activities & Scholarly Productivity:

  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors Board of Advisers, Present
  • Camp Mak-A-Dream, Oncology Camp Workshop Facilitator, 2000-2008
  • National Bereavement Camp Conference, Presenter, 2011 & 2013
  • Montana Nursing Association State Convention, Presenter, 2010
  • Association for Death Educators and Counselors, Presenter, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • National Alliance for Grieving Children Symposium Presenter, 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Bike and Build: Community Workshop – Trauma Support Coordinator/Facilitator
  • Ronan School District: Personal Training - Grief In Schools
  • Plains Medical Center Educational Workshop: Supporting Grieving Kids, 2007
  • NASW Supporting Military Personnel and Families, Exhibitor, 2007
  • Group Facilitator Training: Grief after Suicide, DPHHS, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Grief in Schools, Department of Public Health: Foster Parent Training – Kids & Grief
  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Camp and Seminar Facilitator,  2007-Present

Sampling of Recent Specialized Trainings Include:

  • Robert Neimeyer, PhD - Lessons of Loss: Working with complicated grief, 2011
  • Association for Death Educators and Counselors, Being a Healing Presence in a Hurting World, 2012
  • Open to Hope: Grief following trauma and tragedy with Heidi Horsley, PsyD, LCSW, 2012 
  • Devastating Losses: New Understandings, New Directions, Jack Jordan, PhD, 2013
  • Grief After Suicide: Understanding Consequences & Caring for Survivors, Jack Jordan, PhD, 2013
  • Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization and Recovery, Eric Gentry, PhD, 2014
  • Professional Resiliency: Fitness for the Frontline, Eric Gentry, PhD, 2014
  • Montana Conference for Suicide Prevention, 2014
  • Suicide Prevention Summit, 2014
  • Association for Death Educators and Counselors, Riding the Dragon,  2014
  • Association for Death Educators and Counselors, Strengthening the Inner life of the Caregiver, 2014
  • Association for Death Educators and Counselors, Bridging Research & Practice DSM 5, 2014
  • Mindfulness in Grief: Techniques for Post traumatic Growth - 2015
  • Best Practices in Suicide Bereavement: A New National Report - John Jordan Phd; Robert Neimeyer PhD; Franklin Cook, MA, 2015
  • Considering the Loss of a Child in the Context of Grieving Couples, 2015
  •  The internal Worlds of Grieving Families - Janice Winchester Nadeau, Phd, LP, LMFT, RN FT-2015
  • Teaching about Life and Living in Death & Dying Courses - Charles Corr, PhD, 2015
  • Family Bereavement Program Effects on Bereaved Parents, Tim Ayers, PhD; Irwin Sandler, PhD, Jenn-Yun tein, PhD; Heining Cham, MA; Sharlene A Wolchik, PhD
  • Transforming Trauma - How to do this work and not completely lose our minds, Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky
  • Old Meets New, East Meets West: The Fusion of Grief Experience of Ritualization Among Chinese, Amy Chow PhD, 2015
  • Meaning Centered Grief Therapy: Theory, Practice, and Promise, Wendy Lichtenthal PhD & Corinne Sweeney, MA, 2015
  • Post Traumatic Growth Following the Loss of a Pet, 2015
  • The National Alliance for Grieving Children Literature Compilation Project: Addressing the State of Research on Childhood & Adolescent Grief, 2015
  • Suicide Assessment, Intervention, and Care with John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD, 2015
  • Social, Emotional, and Cultural Dimensions of Grief, John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD, 2015
  • Creative and Inclusive Approaches to Grief, Alesia K. Alexander, MSW, 2016
  • Suicide Bereavement Clinician Training, Jack Jordan, PhD, 2016

Publications Include:

  • Barrett, T. & Murphy, M. (2017). The dirt on sibling grief: A look at bereavement camps. In B.J. Marshall & H. R. Winokuer (Eds). Sibling Loss Across the Lifespan (pp. 184-192). New York: Routledge.
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  • Sommers-Flanagan, R; Barrett-Hakanson, T; Clarke, C; Sommers-Flanagan, J. (2000). Coping Skills for Adolescents. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 25(2), p170-90.