Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Noel Kulbeck

Noel Kulbeck : President

First Montana Bank, Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer


Missoula, Montana

Heather Foster

Heather Foster : Vice President & Human Resource Committee Chair

CEO, Missoula Family YMCA

Vice President & Human Resource Committee Chair

Missoula, Montana

Dave Opitz

Dave Opitz : Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair


Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Missoula, Montana

Brenda Wilkins

Brenda Wilkins : Sectetary & Governance Committee Chair

BMG Management Consulting, SoulPowered, SPRI Reseach Institute, Westcraft Homes

Sectetary & Governance Committee Chair

Clint Romney

Clint Romney : Board Member, Past President

Title Services Inc., Owner

Board Member, Past President

Frenchtown, Montana

Heather Stokes

Heather Stokes : Board Member


Board Member

      Missoula, Montana

Maegan Rides At The Door

Maegan Rides At The Door : Board Member
National Native Children’s Trauma Center, Director

Board Member

Rachael Parrott

Rachael Parrott : Board Member

Board Member

Florence, MT

Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley : Board Member

Board Member

Missoula, MT